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The Importance of Preparing Students for a School Shooting

school busIf you’re in charge of security for a school or college, you know that that importance of having an emergency plan in place can’t be understated. If a disaster like a school shooting occurs, the lack of an emergency plan can make it difficult for personnel to coordinate, impacting your facility’s safety. Avoid unnecessary vulnerabilities and give your students a way to monitor and manage an ongoing emergency with a threat monitoring system from HTS Active Alert Systems, LLC.

The Importance of Preparing Students for the Worst

Our most comprehensive security resource, our threat monitoring system allows the user to handle essential tasks such as sending alerts, finding threats, and requesting emergency personnel in a matter of minutes. With an active gunman on the premises, having this emergency response system in place could mean the difference between students and staff being vulnerable and being able to protect themselves adequately

Implementing our safety management software makes planning and acting in the midst of an emergency as easy as pushing a button. When you make our emergency alert system an integral part of your safety plan, it will sharpen your security’s emergency response skills as well as improve damage control and overall safety.

The safety of our users is our highest priority. Our team is ready to help your facility perfect its emergency response capabilities with tools tailored to fit your needs. Talk to our knowledgeable security consultants to discover all of the possibilities that await you with a custom emergency alert system.

Contact our security consultants to learn more about how fitting your campus with a threat monitoring system can improve your emergency preparedness. Based in Hudson, Wisconsin, we proudly serve users on a nationwide basis.