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The Importance of Having an Emergency Preparedness Plan

emergency preparedness planThe threat of gun violence is very real here in the United States. The number of mass shootings has only gone up in recent years. If you run security for any facility, whether it is a school, place of worship, or business, it pays to be prepared for an event like this. It seems unlikely until it happens to you, but the benefits of having an emergency preparedness plan are many:

Keep Cool Under Pressure

When you have a plan in place for emergencies, you perform better under pressure. In situations where panic typically rules the day, you will know exactly what to do. Instead of worrying about next steps, you can take action. Keeping a cool head during an emergency is the most important way to ensure your survival and the survival of others.

Reduce Response Times

With a solid plan in place for emergencies, you will drastically shorten response times. This is essential in times of crisis. The more time you buy for yourself, the better your chances of getting everyone out alive. An emergency preparedness plan lets you act quickly without stumbling.


An emergency preparedness plan, when executed well, should ensure that more people survive. The more prepared you are for the worst case scenario, the lower the death toll will be.

Get an Emergency Alert App

Active Alert is an emergency alert app that can save lives in the event of an emergency. With real-time video feed and the ability to summon first responders at the push of a button, this app is an integral part of any emergency preparedness plan. Contact Hedge Tactical Solutions today to get a customized security app for your facility.