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Here is some of what our current users have to say about the product.

Having been in Public Safety Communications for 26 years and understanding that we are only as good as the information we receive, I have never seen a system that provided more accurate up to the minute information for us to relay to our responders than HTS Emergency Software. This will help keep our citizens and our first responders safe!

Troy E. Ruby
Communications Leader (COM-L)
Dakota Communications Center
Rosemount, Minnesota

In my brief 2 years spent as a school resource officer I have looked at several emergency software systems throughout the country. HTS provides the most up to date and live based app that I have seen. This not only helps with law enforcement response, but also for the staff of our school district to be informed.

Justin McDonough
Washington County Law Enforcement Center
Stillwater, Minnesota

This is one of the most exciting hand held apps I have seen since the explosion of apps and smartphones. Not for the way it looks, but for the positive lifesaving results it can deliver when the unthinkable happens. This app gives you real information to protect not only yourself but those around you.

Bart A. Didden
U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corp.
New York/Connecticut/Minnesota

Working in education since 1993, I see this app as the missing link that we need to revolutionize our efficiency in responding accurately in a crisis situation. Having this app is a clear message that safety and security is a priority and a comprehensive plan is in place. I would insist on this app being a part of the safety plan in the schools of my own family members.

Principal, Stillwater High School
Stillwater, Minnesota