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Emergency Alert System – Mobile & Web Apps

Take control of your safety with tools designed for your organization’s specific needs. HTS Active Alert Systems LLC is here to help you stay alert and safe with intelligent security alert software for web and mobile platforms. Wih live, real-time video feed and a direct line to first responders, our tools are the first lines of defense for groups throughout the world.

When you are looking to enhance disaster preparedness for your church, school, business, or other organization, our emergency alert app can help. Being proactive about potential emergencies is simple, safe, and straightforward when you use Active Alert -  first of its kind, patent-pending mobile tool.

Simple Safety Solutions

Designed with your convenience in mind, our emergency phone apps and web apps put the power in your hands. Accessibility is our first priority when it comes to creating a system that works for you. No matter the severity of the situation, it’s easy to stay on top of it as it develops with a comprehensive set of monitoring, mapping, and alert tools at your fingertips.

Need to request professional assistance? Simply use our three-step button alert system to get the help you need, when you need it. This feature lets you request medical assistance wherever you are, as well as put out custom notifications for users in your network. Our threat monitoring system keeps everyone in the loop, no matter how the situation progresses. HTS Active Alert Systems LLC makes safety simple.

Mobile App Features

  • Real-Time Threat Alert System, With Touch-to-Locate Mapping
  • In-App User Management
  • Administrative Control Over Alert Closure
  • Dynamic-Linking, Personalized Invitation System
  • Two-Factor Authentication on Signup
  • PCI Certified & End-to-End Encryption for Payment Information

Web App Features

  • Super Administrative Over Watch & Nationwide Mapping for All Posted Alerts
  • Full Alert Triage Mode with Touch-to-Locate Takeover
  • Live-Vision Camera Over IP Feeds
  • Full User Management & Individual Analytics
  • Analytics & Trends on All Posted Alerts & Organizations
  • Custom Targeted Push Notifications

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