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Keep Students Safe with Active Shooter Alert Systems

students in a classroomWhen you manage a school facility, the safety of your students and faculty is a top priority. These days, it seems like every time you turn on the news there is another school shooting. How can you protect the children from something like this? Don’t wait until it happens at your school to do something – invest in a security system designed to shorten response times in the worst case scenario. HTS Active Alert is one of the best active shooter alert systems for a variety of reasons:

Network Alerts

Active Alert allows you to send alerts to people within your network. Keeping faculty abreast of what is happening as it happens can go a long way towards preventing death and injury, and allows them to act on the information they are receiving intelligently, rather than diving into the situation blind.

Real-Time Video Feed

Real-time video feed allows you to see everything that is going on. This means you can provide accurate information to first responders and to those in your network who are set up to receive alerts. So often, confusion is the cause of potentially deadly mistakes. Our software can help you cut down on the confusion so you can get the situation defused quickly.

First Responders at the Push of a Button

Our app also allows you to summon first responders to the scene with the push of a button. This cuts out a lot of time spent trying to explain an active shooter situation over the phone. The sooner police and paramedics arrive on the scene, the better the chance that the injured will survive.

Available for Mobile and Desktop

Active Alert is available as a desktop or mobile app, and it customized to meet your specific security needs. Contact our team today for more information