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How to Spot a Suspicious Package

express delivery packageWhile things like letterbombs and other types of life-threatening packages are pretty rare, they have been discovered here and there. These “suspicious packages” can result in injury, destruction of property, or even death. This guide will help you spot a suspicious package if one is delivered to your office.

Restricted Endorsements – If the recipient of the package does not usually receive personal mail at the office, but it is labeled as “private” or “personal,” this can be a red flag.

Name or Address is Inaccurate – Dangerous packages are often incorrectly labeled, as the attacker may not know the target that well.

Weird Labeling – If the handwriting is distorted, the package is labeled with cut and paste lettering, or it has strange-looking homemade labels on it, it may be a suspicious package.

Protruding Wires/Odors – Do not touch the package if you notice protruding wires, oil stains, aluminum foil, or any strange odors emitting from the package.

Excessive Postage – If it looks like it has excessive postage on it for the size of the package, be wary.

Rigid or Lopsided – A letter bomb in a manilla envelope may feel rigid or look lopsided.

Unprofessional Wrapping – Haphazard wrapping is another sign of a suspicious package. It may also be labeled “Fragile” or “Rush – Do Not Delay.”   

Irregular Shapes – Don’t trust packages with an irregular shape, soft spots, or bulges.

Noises – If the package is making any noise, especially buzzing, ticking, or sloshing, stay away from the package.

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