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Guide: How to Stay Safe in an Active Shooter Situation – Pt. 2

gunIn our last post, we discussed three life-saving tips that can help you in an active shooter scenario, but we didn’t cover them all. Here are three more essential tips for surviving an emergency.

Avoid Stampedes – Basic human instinct tells you to run in the opposite direction when you encounter an emergency. However, if everyone is running in a single direction, it can cause a stampede and potentially create more injuries and prevent people from reaching safety. The safest thing to do when fleeing from an active shooter is to move with the flow of the crowd and stay on the perimeter.

Act Quickly – An active shooter scenario happens in the blink of an eye, so it’s important to move as quickly as possible. If someone opens fire in your vicinity, do not hesitate – get to a safe location as quickly as you can.

Have an Emergency Alert System in Place – If you are in charge of security at your facility, it is extremely important to have an emergency alert system in place. An emergency alert app like Active Alert will help you keep everyone in your facility safe. It can provide real-time updates in an active shooter scenario and contact first responders with the touch of a button. Call HTS Active Alert Systems, LLC today at 866.387.9396.