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Guide: How to Stay Safe in an Active Shooter Situation – Pt. 1

glowing green exit signIn the United States, mass shootings are a very real danger. With almost 300 shootings occurring in the US in 2017 alone, it’s something for which everyone needs to be prepared. Even if your facility has an emergency response system like Active Alert, it’s important to follow these safety guidelines when dealing with an active shooter. They could just save your life.

Find the Exits – Exit signs are deliberately designed to be easy to spot. When you go somewhere, whether it be to an event, the movies, or the store, take note of where the exits are. Note each emergency exit you see so that you can quickly escape if someone opens fire. This technique will help you in most emergencies, not just those with an active shooter.

Seek Shelter – It is very important to get something between you and the shooter. Hiding behind something can save your life when gunfire is involved. If you cannot make your way to an exit fast enough, hiding is your best bet for staying alive. Be aware of potential hiding places at all times, so you are prepared if something happens.

Don’t Engage with the Shooter – You should never try to engage with an active shooter unless you are an armed professional. Get out of the way and stay out of the way to be as safe as possible.

These are just three of the ways you can stay safe during an active shooter situation. In our next post, we will go over three more ways you can be prepared for the worst.