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Combating Threats in Your Workplace with Safety Management Software

Managing security at your workplace is a tough job, especially with the increasing threat of gun violence in the United States. You probably have cameras and alarms set up around the building, but is that enough when an emergency strikes? Employing safety management software like Active Alert is a surefire way to ensure that you are ready to act quickly when a security threat presents itself.

Monitor Real-Time Video Feed

Active Alert is an all-in-one safety management software. You can monitor live video feed, send alerts, and contact first responders all in one place on your computer or cell phone. Monitoring live video feed is extremely important during emergencies so that you can stay on top of new developments and send accurate, real-time updates to people in your network and first responders.

Send Alerts to Those in Your Network

One of the most important things you can do when a threat is detected in your facility is keep everyone up to date. Active Alert allows you to send alerts to people in your network so that employees within the facility can stay abreast of the situation. This will allow you to evacuate the building or activate emergency preparedness plans in real time.

Alert Emergency Responders Instantly – and Send Updates

First responders require accurate information to perform their life-saving jobs to the best of their ability. Safety management software from Hedge Tactical solutions allows you to summon first responders quickly, and send updates so that they are fully prepared to face the situation at hand.

Safety Management Software Saves Lives

Putting safety management at your fingertips allows you to act fast in case of emergency. You can stay aware of developments as soon as they happen, and summon first responders to the scene at lightning speed. The extra time this buys and the flow of information that it can provide will save lives. Installing this software for PC and Mobile can help you ensure the safety of everyone at your facility. Contact Hedge Tactical Solutions today to see how our custom-configured software can work for you.