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What to Do if You Find a Suspicious Package

package deliveryIn our last post, we discussed how to spot a suspicious package. Once you have identified a package as suspect, what do you do with it? In this post, we will give you a guide to handling unsafe packages without causing injury or property destruction.

Call the Police – When you think there is a suspicious package in your workplace, the first thing you need to do is contact the police. Do not take a chance with this type of thing – it is better to be safe than sorry, and the police will handle all of these cases with the utmost care.

Stay Away – Under no circumstance should you move, open, examine, or otherwise disturb the suspicious package. If this is an unsafe package, you do not want to risk injury by messing with the item. Stay away from it and make sure others in the immediate area do not touch it.

Do Not Place in a Confined Area – Do not place the object in a filing cabinet, desk, or other confined space.

Open Windows – To keep exposure to deadly or explosive gases to a minimum, ventilate the area. Open all of the windows if possible.

Isolate the Package – Clear the area until police arrive. Make sure no one approaches the package and risks harming themselves.

An emergency alert app can help your workplace prepare for any potential emergency. Contact our app developers today to get a customized security alert app for your location.

How to Spot a Suspicious Package

express delivery packageWhile things like letterbombs and other types of life-threatening packages are pretty rare, they have been discovered here and there. These “suspicious packages” can result in injury, destruction of property, or even death. This guide will help you spot a suspicious package if one is delivered to your office.

Restricted Endorsements – If the recipient of the package does not usually receive personal mail at the office, but it is labeled as “private” or “personal,” this can be a red flag.

Name or Address is Inaccurate – Dangerous packages are often incorrectly labeled, as the attacker may not know the target that well.

Weird Labeling – If the handwriting is distorted, the package is labeled with cut and paste lettering, or it has strange-looking homemade labels on it, it may be a suspicious package.

Protruding Wires/Odors – Do not touch the package if you notice protruding wires, oil stains, aluminum foil, or any strange odors emitting from the package.

Excessive Postage – If it looks like it has excessive postage on it for the size of the package, be wary.

Rigid or Lopsided – A letter bomb in a manilla envelope may feel rigid or look lopsided.

Unprofessional Wrapping – Haphazard wrapping is another sign of a suspicious package. It may also be labeled “Fragile” or “Rush – Do Not Delay.”   

Irregular Shapes – Don’t trust packages with an irregular shape, soft spots, or bulges.

Noises – If the package is making any noise, especially buzzing, ticking, or sloshing, stay away from the package.

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Security Solutions for Churches

family in churchChurches are places where the community comes together to worship in one place. It is a happy place, and it is supposed to be a safe space. No one wants to think about an attack on a church – but they do happen. The congregation in a church can be especially vulnerable because it is a place where people can let their guard down. If you manage the facility, the safety of the congregation is extremely important. However, how do you keep church a safe space without frightening those attending or compromising the quality of the services?

Mobile Alert App

Hedge Tactical Solutions has taken the time to formulate solid security solutions for churches – or any facility that needs to be protected in the face of the unthinkable. Everything you need is encompassed within one easy to use app:

  • View live video feed.
  • Call first-responders with a single button.
  • Send alerts to people in your network.

When you need to act fast, you can trust Active Alert to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. The app is easy to use and requires no training manual – meaning that you can stay on your toes in an emergency without fumbling around with technology.

We can customize our software to meet your church’s needs. Contact our app developers today to discuss your options for an easy-to-use, practical church security system.

Keep Students Safe with Active Shooter Alert Systems

students in a classroomWhen you manage a school facility, the safety of your students and faculty is a top priority. These days, it seems like every time you turn on the news there is another school shooting. How can you protect the children from something like this? Don’t wait until it happens at your school to do something – invest in a security system designed to shorten response times in the worst case scenario. HTS Active Alert is one of the best active shooter alert systems for a variety of reasons:

Network Alerts

Active Alert allows you to send alerts to people within your network. Keeping faculty abreast of what is happening as it happens can go a long way towards preventing death and injury, and allows them to act on the information they are receiving intelligently, rather than diving into the situation blind.

Real-Time Video Feed

Real-time video feed allows you to see everything that is going on. This means you can provide accurate information to first responders and to those in your network who are set up to receive alerts. So often, confusion is the cause of potentially deadly mistakes. Our software can help you cut down on the confusion so you can get the situation defused quickly.

First Responders at the Push of a Button

Our app also allows you to summon first responders to the scene with the push of a button. This cuts out a lot of time spent trying to explain an active shooter situation over the phone. The sooner police and paramedics arrive on the scene, the better the chance that the injured will survive.

Available for Mobile and Desktop

Active Alert is available as a desktop or mobile app, and it customized to meet your specific security needs. Contact our team today for more information

The Importance of Preparing Students for a School Shooting

school busIf you’re in charge of security for a school or college, you know that that importance of having an emergency plan in place can’t be understated. If a disaster like a school shooting occurs, the lack of an emergency plan can make it difficult for personnel to coordinate, impacting your facility’s safety. Avoid unnecessary vulnerabilities and give your students a way to monitor and manage an ongoing emergency with a threat monitoring system from HTS Active Alert Systems, LLC.

The Importance of Preparing Students for the Worst

Our most comprehensive security resource, our threat monitoring system allows the user to handle essential tasks such as sending alerts, finding threats, and requesting emergency personnel in a matter of minutes. With an active gunman on the premises, having this emergency response system in place could mean the difference between students and staff being vulnerable and being able to protect themselves adequately

Implementing our safety management software makes planning and acting in the midst of an emergency as easy as pushing a button. When you make our emergency alert system an integral part of your safety plan, it will sharpen your security’s emergency response skills as well as improve damage control and overall safety.

The safety of our users is our highest priority. Our team is ready to help your facility perfect its emergency response capabilities with tools tailored to fit your needs. Talk to our knowledgeable security consultants to discover all of the possibilities that await you with a custom emergency alert system.

Contact our security consultants to learn more about how fitting your campus with a threat monitoring system can improve your emergency preparedness. Based in Hudson, Wisconsin, we proudly serve users on a nationwide basis.

Shorten Response Times During A Campus Shooting with A Mobile Security App

hand holding cellphone with emergency number 911In today’s modernized society, there’s a lot more than campus security light towers needed to keep students safe. Colleges looking to enhance their disaster preparedness campus-wide can take a proactive approach to their needs with mobile security apps from HTS Active Alert Systems, LLC. At our company, finding ways to preserve our users’ safety in a wide variety of scenarios are our highest priorities.

With live, real-time video feeds and a direct line to first responders, our mobile security apps are the first lines of defense for students all throughout the country during campus shootings and other emergencies. Using our innovative mobile tool, being proactive during potential emergencies is simple, safe, and straightforward.

Keeping Those in An Emergency Informed

Our emergency phone app is designed intuitively to shorten response times during campus shootings or other life-threatening emergencies. No matter the severity of the situation, staying informed and protecting yourself is easy with a comprehensive set of mapping, monitoring, and alert tools in your hands.

The mobile app features several helpful resources including administrative control over alert closure, in-app user management, and a real-time threat alert system with touch-to-locate mapping. Our unique alert system helps keep everyone in the loop, so regardless of how the situation progresses, you’ll have an easily accessible line of defense at your fingertips.

Contact us for more information about mobile security app. Based in Hudson, Wisconsin, we proudly serve users on a nationwide basis.

Preparing Church for an Active Shooter – Pt. 2

emergency alert appIt’s a situation no one wants to think about let alone actively plan for – a mass shooting in your place of worship. Once upon a time church was a safe refuge for those who just needed some time in prayer and reflection.  Church security was unheard of. Today however, it’s a necessity.

So the question is, how do you keep your doors open to all, while protecting those inside? Prevention and planning is key.

Have a Plan and Test It – Having a plan doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re prepared. Until you actually practice the plan – until you partner with others to test it – your plan is just that, a plan. Practicing the plan will allow leaders to learn if there are any holes in the design.

Act Fast – When an active shooter first enters a church the first protocol should be to try to isolate them. Having a pre-planned distress code that trained staff and volunteers recognize immediately allows getting people to safety to start immediately.

Team Effort – While churches want to be inviting, anyone that sees something of concern must communicate it to the security or church leaders.

Emergency Alert System – HTS Active Alert Systems emergency alert app can literally mean the difference between life and death in an active-shooter situation. When chaos ensues, emergency services, including police and ambulance, are just a click away on your mobile device. You can also alert members of your organization, and pinpoint threats, all in a matter of minutes simply by pushing a few buttons.

None of us want to be unprepared when an active shooter enters our church doors. The most important things you can do to protect your members are to make your emergency action plan, practice safety drills, and take measures to prevent violent individuals from harming your congregation

Preparing Church for an Active Shooter – Pt. 1

threat monitoring systemOne of the most incomprehensible places for a shooting to occur is in a church or similar place of worship. Congregants gather for times of prayer, worship, and shared testimony and do so with the assumption they’ll be safe in such a sacred place. Unfortunately, however, we’ve seen that is not always the case. Sadly, mass shootings in mosques, synagogues and churches happen here in the United States and around the globe. In fact, in 2016, violent deaths were more frequent at faith-based organizations than at schools.

So, the question is, how do you keep your congregant’s safe while they are attending services, bible study or hosting church suppers?  HTS Active Alert Systems LLC’s Active Alert threat monitoring system is the most comprehensive security resource, available on your computer or your mobile device. This app can literally mean the difference between life and death in an active-shooter situation.

Chaos will ensue and tension will be high in an active-shooter scenario. It’s not a situation in which you can calmly call police and notify them of real-time updates on the situation – but our app can.  With a threat monitoring system you’ll be able to notify emergency responders quickly and effortlessly.

Today more than ever, it’s vital that churches have a protocol in place for keeping their congregation safe in the event of a shooter. Read on to Pt. 2 to learn what steps to take to protect your congregants and minimize casualties.

What to Do if You Hear Someone Making Terroristic Threats

ear, listening, hearingIn today’s world, you can never be too serious about security threats. Ignoring them is a surefire way to allow an attack to occur. If you hear someone talking about a future attack – a bomb threat, or shooting, or if you hear someone talk about bringing a weapon to a specific place, you cannot ignore it. Here is what you should do if you suspect someone may be planning an attack:

Keep Calm

If you are near the person, do not let on that you heard them. If they are speaking directly to you, act nonchalant. Do your best not to respond fearfully, in case they suspect that you might turn them in.

Find Help

As soon as you can leave this person without raising suspicion, go to a person of authority. Contact the police and head of security at the facility and tell them exactly what you heard.

  • Important Reminder: If you report a threat and it is not serious, you will not face repercussions. If you hear anyone talking about performing an act of violence, it is better to be safe than sorry. If it turns out to be a false threat, the person who made the threat will be the person who faces the consequences.

Make Use of Your Emergency Alert App

Having an emergency alert app can make reporting and responding to threats that much easier. With Active Alert, you can send security alerts to everyone in your network, and summon first responders with the push of a button on your computer or phone. A threat monitoring system is an essential asset to any facility from businesses, to schools, to places of worship. Contact Hedge Tactical Solutions today to take charge of your security.

The Importance of Having an Emergency Preparedness Plan

emergency preparedness planThe threat of gun violence is very real here in the United States. The number of mass shootings has only gone up in recent years. If you run security for any facility, whether it is a school, place of worship, or business, it pays to be prepared for an event like this. It seems unlikely until it happens to you, but the benefits of having an emergency preparedness plan are many:

Keep Cool Under Pressure

When you have a plan in place for emergencies, you perform better under pressure. In situations where panic typically rules the day, you will know exactly what to do. Instead of worrying about next steps, you can take action. Keeping a cool head during an emergency is the most important way to ensure your survival and the survival of others.

Reduce Response Times

With a solid plan in place for emergencies, you will drastically shorten response times. This is essential in times of crisis. The more time you buy for yourself, the better your chances of getting everyone out alive. An emergency preparedness plan lets you act quickly without stumbling.


An emergency preparedness plan, when executed well, should ensure that more people survive. The more prepared you are for the worst case scenario, the lower the death toll will be.

Get an Emergency Alert App

Active Alert is an emergency alert app that can save lives in the event of an emergency. With real-time video feed and the ability to summon first responders at the push of a button, this app is an integral part of any emergency preparedness plan. Contact Hedge Tactical Solutions today to get a customized security app for your facility.