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Emergency Alert App - Response Process

You don’t have to read a manual or undergo training to learn how to use our security alert software. In fact, using it is as simple as pushing a few buttons – that’s how we designed it. HTS Active Alert Systems LLC understands the chaos that so often comes with emergency situations. It’s one of the reasons we’ve developed our apps with simplicity and straightforwardness in mind.

Handle essential tasks with ease even when your situation escalates. With our emergency alert app, you can request the presence of emergency personnel, alert members of your organization, and pinpoint threats – all in a matter of minutes – just by pushing a few buttons. Use our web and mobile apps to sharpen your emergency response skills and discover the difference we can make in damage control and safety.

Understand the Alert Process

Open App

phone home screen for app

Send Alert

In the process of sending an alert

Find The Threat

finding the location of the Threat

End Alert

Submitting the alert

Medical Help is a Button Push Away

During an emergency, it can be difficult to find time to speak one-on-one with emergency personnel. HTS Active Alert Systems LLC designed Active Alert to make this process easy as possible, even when tensions are high. You can quickly and effortlessly send real-time alerts to first responders, as well as anyone else in your network using our threat alert system for your facility.