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Emergency Alert App Developers

At Hedge Tactical, your safety is our sole objective; it has been for several years. Now, our app developers are taking our commitment to the next level by using the latest technology to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Active Alert is the world’s first patent-pending real-time threat monitoring system for your business, place of worship, or school. This unique software puts a dynamic, yet straightforward emergency alert and notification system in your hands. With the touch of a button in our emergency alert app, you can:

  • Pinpoint Potential Danger & Active Threats
  • Send Notifications to Students, Personnel, and Others
  • Request Emergency Attention from First Responders
  • View Live Video Feeds of Your Facility

App Sign In Screen

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to start making your emergency alert plan. Instead, team up with our app developers and start planning now. Your students, employees, or associates will thank you.

Safety Management Software Developed with Your Needs in Mind

As the leading provider of innovative emergency management services, HTS Active Alert Systems LLC is committed to developing tools that are effective and easy to use. Using our app is easy for everyone. You don’t have to sit through a training seminar or read a handbook to the make the most of it. If and when an emergency system escalates, Active Alert is there to make responding straightforward for everyone in your network.

Our security monitoring software, Active Alert, offers a full range of security tools in one convenient app. Using it, you can mark dangerous areas and active threats on a map of your facility, request assistance from first responders, and even send notifications to all users on your network. These features are perfect additions to any existing security procedures, no matter the sector.