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5 Helpful Security Solutions for Schools

In light of all the school shootings that have occurred these past few years, many schools are looking to ramp up security at their facilities to protect students and faculty.  Here are five security solutions for schools that you can use to improve safety at your facility.

Controlling Access to the Building – One of the main things that you can do is control who has access to the building and when. If you do not have a controlled access entry in your school facility, it is time to have one installed. Authorized personnel like teachers and administration should have ID badges with a photo that allow them access to the building. Everyone else will push a buzzer to communicate with the office to be let in or turned away. This is one of the most common security solutions for schools, and most already have something like this in place.         

Surveillance – Most schools do rely on video surveillance to keep schools safe. One way to can increase the effectiveness of your monitoring is to acquire security software like Active Alert. Active Alert provides a live video feed, as well as the ability to summon first responders and send out communications to people in your network with just a few clicks.

Drills – The best way to shorten response times and minimize injury to students is to make sure every student knows exactly what to do in the event of an emergency. You should run fire drills, school shooting drills, and severe weather drills on a regular basis. If students know where to go, they will not have to think about it when an emergency happens and will be able to get to safety quickly.

Train the Faculty – The students look to the faculty for answers, and this does not stop at the end of the lesson. Make sure all faculty are well versed in the school’s evacuation policies and other disaster preparedness protocols. Teachers and other faculty members should be able to guide students to safety during an emergency. Knowledge and preparedness are two of the most valuable security solutions for schools.

Improve Communications – The PA system is a great way to communicate information within the school. Reliable communication methods are vital in times of crisis and can mean the difference between life or death for many. In addition to the PA, investing in software like Active Alert is a great way to ramp up crisis communications. With a few clicks, you can send messages to personnel in the network to keep everyone in the loop. You can also communicate with police and medical first responders with the push of a button.

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