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‘Did you know’

School Shooting:
  • Since Sandy Hook, a gun has been fired on school grounds nearly once a week
  • There have been 220 shootings on school campuses in the U.S. since Dec. 14, 2012 according to Everytown For Gun Safety, an advocacy group. 

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Workplace Violence
  • Violence in the workplace is a constant issue that plagues the United States. One of the most common forms of violence in the workplace is of the psychological nature.
  • According to FBI statistics, 80% of active shooter incidents occur in the workplace as well. Approximately 2 million people a year are affected by some form of workplace violence.

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Attacks on Churches
  • Gunman Opens Fire in Nashville Church; 1 Dead, 7 Wounded 9/24/17
  • In 2016, violent deaths were more frequent at faith-based organizations than at schools, and in comparing 2016 to the most recent 10 years, it was the second in the number of violent crimes with deadly potential (with 246 deadly force incidents, following 2015 at 248).

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Terrorist Attacks
  • In 2017 984 attacks, 5,708 fatalities
  • Seven (7) US soil

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Hedge Tactical Solutions - Emergency Alert System

If you’re in charge of security in a school, business, or place of worship, you know how important it is to have an emergency plan in place. Otherwise, when disaster strikes, personnel may have a difficult time coordinating. This can lead to avoidable vulnerabilities in your response procedures, as well as your facility's overall safety.

Make the right choice for your organization by implementing a security alert software that makes planning and acting as simple as pushing a button. HTS Active Alert Systems LLC’s Active Alert threat monitoring system is the most comprehensive security resource, available on your computer or in the palm of your hand on your mobile device.

Talk to a security system consultant from our team today to learn what’s possible with this unique emergency alert app. Your safety is our priority, and we are ready to help you perfect your facility’s emergency response system with tools tailored to your needs.

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